20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (2023)

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (1)

An Axolotl, also known as the Mexican walking fish, is one of the more unusual forms of amphibians. It’s a neotenic salamander with special physical features that make it stand out from other animals.

Axolotl can come in 5 simple colors which include Wild, Leucistic – a pinkish color -, Albino white, Melanoid, and Golden. The color scheme of the Axolotl is based on the pigment in their skin and can change based on the type of morph that the Axolotl is mixed with.

Now that we know what an Axolotls is, let’s check out some of the most popular morphs.

How Many Axolotl Morphs Are There?

Although there is no fixed number, there are about 7 types of aquatic lizard species; yet various types of morphs of Axolotls exist.

However, although there are many different types of Axolotl morphs, most of them derive from certain types of Axolotls.

Axanthic Axolotl are a base for many different forms of these little aquatic critters considering they have dark colors like black and brown as their pigment foundation, making them popular for breeders.

Other types of Axolotls can exist based on the country that they are found and sold in; and even though they are continents away from each other, they keep their integrity by keeping their standard colors and unique look.

20 Popular Axolotl Morphs

GFP Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (2)

Have you ever seen an Axolotl that can glow in the dark?

If you haven’t then a GFP Axolotl will amaze you. GFP stands for “green fluorescent protein” which is a simple and biological attribute of this Axolotl that allows it to illuminate a vibrant shade of green whenever it’s in the dark.

The GFP Axolotl is a morph that was primarily created in a lab for the purpose of learning about regenerative properties to help reduce the ailment of different types of cancers.

It’s also important to know that this morph is a typical Axolotl, but it has been injected with the GFP genome, which gives it its magnificent color.

Copper Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (3)

Copper Axolotl is another type of special morph that’s becoming popular as a pet.

Why? Because of their rare color-changing ability.

Copper Axolotls are Albino Axolotls; however, they have a genetic sequence that allows them to become a tannish brown that soon leads to a full copper color, versus becoming white or golden like other Axolotls.

In addition to copper, there is also the Light Copper Axolotl and the Het Copper Axolotl. They may have different shades, but all three creatures belong to the same copper family.

Copper Melanoid Axolotl

(Video) This is Not Natural and is it Right!?

Just like the Copper Axolotl, the Copper Melanoid Axolotl has the ability to change their color within the same range of shade between a light tan and a dark color.

From birth, these Axolotls can be a faint brown, and become darker as they grow, learning towards a full black color.

This creature is the mix of a Copper Axolotl and a Melanoid Axolotl; and although both forms are uncommon in nature, they can be found in homes as pets and laboratory for research purposes.

Enigma Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (4)

As a popular morph that’s still on the rise as a pet, the Enigma Axolotl is one of the rarest forms of Axolotl morphs.

What makes it so rare is their coloring status. They have a black base that lightens to greenish-yellow as they grow.

So, as a result, you’ll end up looking at a black and green-spotted animal that has the capacity to still make you wonder how that’s so; which is why this morph was accurately named “enigma”.

Fun fact: this is the only Axolotl morph in the world with this color pattern!

Silver Dalmatian Axolotl

The Silver Dalmatian Axolotl morph is also a rare type of Axolotl and can only be found in certain places in the U.S. This creature presents with ruby red antennae hairs attached to its body.

In addition, its body color tends to land between gray and a light lavender color with dark blue or black spots all over its body; hence why they’re called “silver dalmatian”.

When it comes to personality, this Axolotl has an easy-going demeanor and could make for an intriguing pet for a new owner.

Mosaic Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (5)

Mosaic pieces have a whirl of colors flowing on them, just like the Mosaic Axolotl.

It presents itself with multiple colors such as white, black, gray, and pink in some areas, all mixed and swirled on its body without fear, making this creature a unique find in the U.S.

Considering their rarity and popularity, the Mosaic Axolotl is sought after heavily to be kept as a pet, or to be used in a laboratory of health or regeneration tests.

Piebald Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (6)

Piebald means “two irregular color patterns, typically black and white” which is an accurate depiction of what the Piebald Axolotl looks like.

It has a mostly white body that can almost seem transparent, with black dots and streaks that speckle the backside and tail of this Axolotl.

These spots are also bolder, darker, and thicker than the spots of any other Axolotl.

(Video) AXOLOTL PHENOTYPES// Rare Axie Color Morphs

It’s antennae clash against its body with its pink color and completes this Axolotl with an interesting appeal.

Chimera Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (7)

Chimerism is when multiple genomes form a single cell; and the Chimera Axolotl is a special breed of Axolotl because of its genetics.

In this case, while in conception, two different Axolotl embryos fused together and became one, which creates a dual Axolotl all wrapped up into one!

And yes, it does make for a cool pet, but you may be the only one to have a Chimera Axolotl because there is a slim-to-none chance that it will survive past birth due to their genetics.

Melanoid/Black Axolotl

Based on the name, it might be easy to determine the color of this Axolotl…black!

It’s the only Axolotl morph that can hold a significant amount of melanin, and because of this pitch-dark creature’s genetics, it reveals itself as a solid black aquatic salamander from its crown to its tail and toes.

However, although a natural creature, it isn’t organic

What creates the Black Axolotl is the high-quantity combination of various types of melanomorphs and seldom present with different designs like stripes of dots.

Golden Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (8)

The Golden Axolotl stays true to its name by showing itself in a solid heavy-yellow color that can resemble gold.

Fun fact! When born, the Golden Axolotl can appear all white and become darker as they grow into their mature version.

This genetic phenomenon is due to their biological attribute of iridophores, which is a set of pigment cells.

Once full grown, they can have random shiny stripes or dots throughout their body. These features exist within this Axolotl morph, but they aren’t promised; you’ll have to wait to see!

White Albino Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (9)

The genetics associated with the White Albino Axolotl makes it a common type of Axolotl that can be found throughout the U.S. as well as in the lakes of central Mexico.

This particular Axolotl morph does not possess the gene to form melanin – dark patches of color – inside of itself, so it comes out completely white, sometimes with light yellow color as the base of its skin.

It’s a recessive gene that shows itself in a dominant way within the White Albino Axolotl.

Golden Albino Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (10)

The Golden Albino Axolotl is a mix between the Golden Axolotl and the Albino Axolotl.


This fusion creates an Axolotl that starts off as a light yellow, but because of the dominant genes of the Golden Axolotl, it begins to get darker once it hits sexual maturity, and ends up becoming a deep yellow color with dark eyes and a funny smile.

It’s a rare form of Axolotl to find in the wild, so the best way to do this is to search for a reputable breeder.

Leucistic Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (11)

The Leucistic Axolotl, better known as the Lucy, is a simple and common morph of Axolotl that is popular in Mexico, and can be obtained from breeders from the U.S.

They are easy to notice considering that they are simply pink and white.

Their body is a clear white color, while their gills are a light pink. Leucistic Axolotls are one of the 5 main types of Axolotl; because of this, they are readily available for breeding more of them.

They are most renowned mostly for their most noticeable feature…their corky smile!

Leucistic Speckled Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (12)

A dirty pink Axolotl: could it really exist?

Of course! And it’s one of the more common types of Axolotls that exist.

Interestingly, if their water is clean and there are little-to-no predators, the speckles will disappear, seeing that they are only there to camouflage the Axolotl from lurking eyes.

Clear Axolotl

The Clear Axolotl is known throughout Mexico and the United States.

As its name suggests, this Axolotl is clear and lucid, almost to the point of transparency. It has no color in its body due to not having the melanin gene.

The only color that might appear on this Axolotl is reddish-pink, and that’s because of the amount of blood that stays within their watery antennae.

It may seem a bit boring at first, but the Clear Axolotl is a friendly and easily managed animal to have around.

Wild-Type Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (13)

The wild type axolotl can be mostly found within nature instead of a laboratory.

It has a dark skin body tone with small golden specks that shine over its body. This infamous dark tone of the wild type can include earth colors such as brown, black, or even green.

The cool part about their skin tone is that it is used to help them maintain their camouflage while submerged under water, while also keeping them safe from predators.

(Video) Salamander Limb Regeneration — HHMI BioInteractive Video

As one of the most popular forms for axolotl, it can be obtained from breeders or a pet store easily.

Firefly Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (14)

With less than 15 of these amphibians in the world, the Firefly Axolotl is probably the rarest morph of axolotl to date.

Fun fact! The Firefly axolotl was engineered using embryonic graphing.

Continuing, this particular morph has a special characteristic: it can have a dark body with a light tail or vice versa; meaning that this unique trait is exclusive to the Firefly axolotl.

Some Firefly axolotls may even have a dark body with a GFT tail which can glow in the dark!

Axanthic Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (15)

The Axanthic Axolotl has a darkish color to its overall body which can be used in the wild as a form of protection and camouflage, or as a point of study in melanin research.

What creates this dark tone is the melanin within it. Melanism is a genetic trait of the Axanthic axolotl and is a recessive mutation that acts on the iridophores of the axolotl.

Overall, the Axanthic axolotl is popular because it can be found throughout the Mexican and U.S. eastern seacoast.

Axanthic Melanoid Axolotl

20 Cool Axolotl Morphs With Pictures | Family Life Share (16)

The Axanthic Melanoid Axolotl is a smooth blend of the Axanthic Axolotl and the Melanoid Axolotl.

Considering that the Axanthic Axolotl already has an olive undertone, the body tone of this Axolotl is basically dark brown with a black undertone. You can find this interesting mix online or with an official Axolotl breeder.

It’s dark features and confident smile makes this Axolotl worth the care and attention, which is why they make a great pet to learn about since they are basically a two-in-one animal.

RLG Axolotl

Now the RLG Axolotls technically aren’t their own morph of Axolotls, but they receive an honorable mention because since there are so many of them, a category of their own.

RLG is an acronym for Ridiculous Long Gills, and it’s a unique feature that is shared across different morphs of Axolotls.

The gills that are attached to these smiling salamanders are typical 1 to 2 inches longer than the typical Axolotl.

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What is the rarest axolotl morph in real life? ›

Some of the rarest axolotl colors include piebald, copper, lavender, firefly, chimera, and mosaic. The rarest of these is mosaic, which means the axolotl has spots or patches throughout its body.

Are black axolotls rare? ›

First discovered in 1961, the black melanoid is now among the most common axolotl color morphs in the world. The particular mixture of pigments in its skin produces a large range between dark green and completely black morphs with dark purple gills and a pale gray or purple belly as well.

What is a starburst axolotl? ›

The Starburst is a copper axolotl with higher concentrations of iridophores or iridescent speckles. As legend has it, the axolotl is the Aztec god of fire and lightning, Xolotl, which disguised himself as a salamander to avoid being sacrificed.

What axolotls glow in the dark? ›

Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) axolotls look like any morph at first glance. However, once exposed to UV light, they glow a bright fluorescent green. This trait is invisible in normal lighting but is unmistakable in UV light.

Are color changing axolotls real? ›

Is this normal, you may wonder? Well, it actually is. They naturally change colour based on environmental and developmental factors.

Is green axolotl rarer than blue axolotl? ›

As many of you might expect, the rarest variant of Axolotl in Minecraft is the blue Axolotl. As per Minecraft Wiki, this variant has a spawn chance of just 1 in 1200 (0.083%), making it one of the rarest mobs in the game.

Are axolotls smiling? ›

Axolotls Look Like They Are Smiling

It is common after they swallow their food for their mouth to be open in what looks like a smile for a few seconds. Also, some axolotls have slightly upturned mouths, which make it look like they are smiling all the time. This is normal, too!

What is the most unique axolotl? ›

Mosaics are a very special kind of axolotl, and one of the rarest kinds in the entire world to find, because they only happen due to a mutation occurring during the development of the axolotl as a zygote.

Is A axolotl A Fish? ›

Commonly mistaken for fish, axolotls are unique among the amphibian family in that they spend their entire lives in water. Indeed, axolotls are sometimes known as Mexican walking fish, on account of their appearance and adopted habitat.

Are yellow axolotls real? ›

Golden Albino Axolotl

This Axolotl has a golden yellow body with shiny patches, clear eyes, with peachy coloured gills. The golden albino lacks melanophores, which is what gives it the gold appearance.

Are green axolotls real? ›

Wild Type: These axolotls are similar in coloration to those found in the wild. They can range in colors from dark grey and green to black and brown.

What Pokemon is a axolotl? ›

9. Wooper/axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) Wooper also takes inspiration from an aquatic, larval-looking animal, axolotls. However, unlike tadpoles, axolotls never undergo metamorphosis - the process of change into a mature, adult form.

What does a lucy axolotl look like? ›

Leucistic axolotls are translucent white with red or pink gills and dark brown or black eyes. They are very rare in the wild because they are easily spotted by predators, but are one of the most common and beautiful morphs in captivity!

Are axolotls hybrids? ›

Over time, hybrid descendants were crossed to all existing axolotl strains, and by 2000, all axolotls in the collection traced their ancestry to the 1963 axolotl x tiger salamander hybridization cross (Fig. 3). Pedigree analysis42 predicts that an average AGSC axolotl genome contains 5.8 ± 1.0% tiger salamander DNA.

Why does my axolotl have no eyes? ›

The eyeless axolotl mutation is a null allele in the rax homeobox gene, with primary defects in neural ectoderm, including the retinal and hypothalamic primordia.

Do axolotls have teeth? ›

The Mexican axolotl is an extant amphibian with teeth assembled into dental arcades located in oral and palatal regions.

Are red axolotls real? ›

This means that there are no true 'red' axolotls. However, copper axolotls are the closest you can get to a "red" axolotl due to their genes causing eumelanin (black/brown pigment) to instead become pheomelanin (red/brown pigment).

Can axolotls turn blue? ›

Axolotls do not possess erythrophores or cyanophores, so it is actually genetically impossible for an axolotl to be blue or even red. There is however another variation of axolotl that is the closest you can get to blue under certain lighting conditions.

Will axolotls evolve? ›

The axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum, is a type of salamander that doesn't go through metamorphosis. Salamanders are amphibians that, like frogs and newts, start off living in the water. Salamanders usually go through a process called metamorphosis to become adults - like a tadpole transforming into a frog.

Are Chimera axolotls real? ›

Chimera axolotls can be easier to identify due to their unique albino and black color combinations. The axolotl color morphs are not the result of genetic causes; rather they're created by accident by two eggs that get fused. Since they are quite scarce, they are expensive and difficult to come across on the market.

Is it rare for an axolotl to morph? ›

Not all axolotls will morph but when one does it can be quite stressful to their body and change the way they behave, and even what they eat.

What is a mutant axolotl? ›

A variety of mutant genes have been identified in axolotls. Many of these are carried by the Axolotl Colony stocks. The most obvious are those which determine pigmentation or coloration of the axolotl. Others affect organs (eyes or heart), limbs, or gills.


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