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English Middle School


Answer 1


The new year dawns and Miep and Mr. Kraler come bearing a cake.

The residents get so jazzed up about the cake that it brings tears to our eyes.

They fight like children about who should cut the cake fairly.

We see the greed in Mr. Van Daan, and it's not a pretty sight.

Besides trying to finagle the biggest piece of cake for himself, he asks Miep to sell Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat.

Mr. Van Daan who wants to sell the memento for cigarettes.

When Mr. Kraler tries to tell Mr. Frank some important information in private, it's actually Margot who goes ballistic.

She wants to know it firsthand, and Mr. Frank agrees that Kraler should tell everyone what he knows.

Kraler relates that there is a man who works at the business who keeps asking about the Franks, and whether Kraler knows their whereabouts.

He keeps staring at the bookcase that hides the door to the secret annex.

Then he asks for a raise; it's clearly blackmail.

People start having hysterics, but it's the faithful Mr. Frank who makes the logical decision to pay the man half. Even if it's bribery, there's nothing they can do but sit and wait to see what happens.

Kraler agrees and leaves the room.

Anne fires off a storm of repressed anger about being a teenager trapped in the war.

She blames the grownups for her problems and explodes on her mother.

But after slamming the door and forgetting her cake, she discovers an unlikely ally in Peter.

He is totally in awe of her massive demonstration of "sticking it to the man" and joins in her ranting about their situation.

Peter then says she can come to his room whenever she wants to talk about things. Hmm… do we detect a friendship forming? Or is it something more?

In this scene, we get some more sporadic information from Anne.

Mr. Kraler is in the hospital with some ulcers (we wonder what gave him that?) and American forces have landed in Italy.

The food rations have been cut even further and everyone is starving.

The scene ends with Anne not yearning for the war to be over, but simply to have someone to really talk to.


Related Questions

Tanza based on Rhythm poem

Listen to the first stanza of "Annabel Lee." Check

the two words that best describe the poem's








1- melodious

2- beautiful


The words that best describe the rhythm of the poem "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allan Poe are melodious and beautiful. First, it is melodious because it combines patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables in the lines that create the beat and pace of the poem. Besides, there are alliteration of the sounds /l/, /m/ and /b/ and repetition of the words "sea" and "Annabel Lee", which contributes to rhythm and creates a serious and thoughtful tone. Second, the rhythm is beautiful as a result of this tone of sadness and melancholy. According to Edgar Allan Poe, beauty is associated with sadness and loss. In this particular case, beauty is associated with the death of a woman, which is expressed through the use of a reflective tone created by the rhythm of the poem.


1) beautiful

3) melodious



Read the excerpt from Night below and answer the question. “The baton pointed to the left. I took half a step forward. I first wanted to see where they would send my
father. Were he to have gone to the right, I would have run after him
The baton, once more, moved to the left. A weight lifted from my heart.
We did not know, as yet, which was the better side, right or left, which road led to prison and which to the
crematoria. Still, I was happy, I was near my father. Our procession continued slowly to move forward.”

Which of the following best summarizes the central concern of the narrator in this excerpt?

A) Eliezer would rather risk death than be separated from his father.

B)Eliezer will learn to survive on his own.

C) The sorting of the prisoners by sex and age was very sensible.

D) Dr. Mengele was secretly a kind person because he wanted to keep Eliezer and his father together.



The one that best summarizes the central concern of the narrator in this excerpt is:

* Eliezer would rather risk death than be separated from his father.


As all of the people in the line were passing through a very difficult and distressing moment in this part of "Night" by Elie Wiesel, we can he that even when he was worried about whether his father and himself were going to live or not, he was also happy for being with him and he wanted to keep it that way no matter what happened to them it was more bearable if it was together.


* Eliezer would rather risk death than be separated from his father.


As all of the people in the line were passing through a very difficult and distressing moment in this part of "Night" by Elie Wiesel, we can he that even when he was worried about whether his father and himself were going to live or not, he was also happy for being with him and he wanted to keep it that way no matter what happened to them it was more bearable if it was together.

Please help me I will give Brainly Question 3(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points)

Which of the following is not a reason to use dialogue in a story?

O Move the story forward
O Keep reader interest
O Develop characters
O Slow the action



Most likely D) Slow the action.


Dialogue helps develop characters, keep the reader's interest in the story, and they are a BIG part in moving the story forward.

It will not slow the action down.

The most logical answer would be to slow the action

PLEASE ANSWER ASAP Read the excerpt from "Gumption."

She had heard about it before from me, but she just wanted to get my wife to running her mouth—and keep her mind off the fact that they hadn’t paid their rent that month.

What is the most likely meaning of the phrase running her mouth?

discussing thoughtfully

talking too much

drooling saliva

speaking very fast


The most likely meaning of the phrase running her mouth is C. talking too much.

A phrase simply means a group of words that act together in order to form a grammatical unit. It is a group of two or more words that are used to express a single idea.

The meaning of the phrase running her mouth is when someone is talking too much. It is usually used for the people who are always talking.

Learn more about phrase on:


agree to disagree but i agrre on this one your answer is going to be talking too much


What is one example of an effective research question? A.Which video game is more violent: Call of Duty or Resident Evil?

B.Which type of video game do young children like the most?

C.What effect does video game violence have on children?

D.Which video game has sold the most copies?


I think the answer is C because that’s more of an effective research question then any of them. C is a more helpful question that say parents would want the answer to and would look at that when figuring out what to by their children possibly. People would be able to see what certain video games does to their children and it’s more effective then any other question.


the answer is C



What kind of room does the narrator believe her room was? A) a sewing room
B) a family room
c) a nursery
D) a bedroom​





Which words are antonyms


Antonyms are opposite in meaning to another. Some examples are - (good - bad) (agree - disagree) (honest - dishonest) (hot-cold) it’s just any words that are complete opposite from each other and it can be more then one word. If a question were to ask what are antonyms of hot you could say cold, freezing, cool, arctic, frigid, etc

An antonym is the opposite of something, so the antonym of ugly would be pretty, the antonym of good would be bad etc.

What does a pluralistic nation have? A. Many cultural groups
B. A large number of people
C. More men than women
D. Two political parties


Answer = A
Explanation = A pluralistic nation is diverse (consisting of many cultural groups) with tolerance towards each other.

100 POINTS PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! Indian women only wearing sarees is an example of what?

A. cultural convergence

B. cultural communication

C. cultural divergence

D. cultural appropriation


Cultural appropriation


D. Cultural appropriation


100 POINTS PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!! Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of all countries?
A. territory
B. population
C. economy
D. sovereignty
E. government


B. Population. All of the rest would be characteristics

How is Ray Bradbury’s use of historical fiction in the drummer boy of shilo an effective way to learn about the kinds of people who fought in the Civil War.



We see the human relationship between the soldiers and officers in the Civil War.


Type this word with correct spelling.
mī' tē


The correct spelling of the word is might.

Might is the past tense of may. Might is used to tentatively ask for permission or to express a polite request.

It should be noted that might can be used when an individual is not sure about something in the present or future. An example is "I might see you tomorrow".

Read related link on:

I don't completely know what you mean by correct spelling, but here's some examples(?)

mī' tē

mi te

First, Identify the direct object and then the indirect object (if necessary) in the following sentence: Some people can even see it from the rooftop. it, rooftop it even, see people


Indirect objects are rare. You can read for pages before you encounter one. For an indirect object to appear, a sentence must first have a direct object.

Direct objects follow transitive verbs [a type of action verb]. If you can identify the subject and verb in a sentence, then finding the direct object—if one exists—is easy. Just remember this simple formula:

Subject + Verb + what? or who? = Direct Object

hope this helps

How does the author use comedic elements to describe the bureaucracy of the animals?? What impact do these elements have on the theme of the story?


The bureaucratic style in the animals meeting is compared to real life incidents which take place in the life of human beings.

The behaviour of the chairman is extremely humorous when he says that animals in favour of the motion will clean their right ears with right paws.

He adds more fun by asking animals against the motion to clean their left ears with left paws.


The story’s theme is the disconnect from regular conventions of society. Sandburg provides a humorous depiction of the animals’ meeting on a serious matter. He places animals with nonsensical names in real locales, such as Philadelphia and Minnesota, to juxtapose the real and the imaginary. He also depicts the animals taking part in meetings that have the same bureaucracy and forced formality often found in real-life meetings.

"It is no picnic to lose your tail and we are here for business," he said, banging his gavel again.

The animals’ meeting offers an amusing representation of the bureaucratic meetings that humans often engage in:

"All in favor of the motion," said the chairman, "will clean their right ears with their right paws."

And all the blue foxes and all the yellow flongboos began cleaning their right ears with their right paws.

"All who are against the motion will clean their left ears with their left paws," said the chairman.

And all the blue foxes and all the yellow flongboos began cleaning their left ears with their left paws.

Sandburg’s parody on the bureaucracy and formality of society piques the reader’s interest by making the story comical and entertaining.



Read the following passage to determine the meaning of the word vigorously my sister and I left our dog Daisy outside in the rain. We made sure to vigorously towel her off before letting her on the new carpet.

Why do they towel the dog vigorously ?

A. they don't what to hurt her
B. they want toto do a thorough job
C. they are not sure how to do it
D. they think it a waste of time



The correct answer would be B. They want to do a thorough job.


It can't be A or D or C. It wouldn't make sense in context or in the worlds definition.

The answer is B.

They vigorously towel her off they are doing a thorough job to clean and dry the dog

Which of the following titles is most likely a work of fiction? A. Popular Music Styles of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s B. How to Build Your Own Music Studio in Your Basement C. The Music Box's Missing Note: An Oak Grove Mystery D. Nashville, Tennessee: Country Music's Capital City


The title, “The Music Box's Missing Note: An Oak Grove Mystery” is most likely a work of fiction.

Answer: Option C


As the title suggests, the word mystery means that the writer will give his/her own narrative of the missing note, which is fictional in nature. This means that the writer is creating a story by taking a music box’s missing note as a central theme and building a story around it. If a story is built it means that it is not based on a true story. True stories are non-fiction, thus making this option C as fiction.

The diffrent between "reading " and " read"?​



past or present tense


reading is the present tense of the word read (pronounced as reed)

read (pronounced as red) is the past tense of read (pronounced as reed) so basically the tense or "time" of the word is the difference

Two different items the children find in the tree to kill a mockingbird



a spelling bee medal, and a ball of twine.


hope it helps!

For the last few days I’ve been quite sick. I’ve barely gotten out of bed. I’ve just been lying around coughing and sneezing. However, when my grandma and grandpa heard that I was sick, they came over at the drop of a hat. What is the meaning of the underlined idiom? instantly slowly hesitantly successfully



It's instantly


I just got in from Edgen




Why does hamlet believe that altering the murder of gonzago will provide proof of claudius's guilt



Hamlet adapts the play "The Murder of Gonzago" because he wants to use the play as a way of revealing the truth about the death of his father. Hamlet believes that plays work as mirrors of society, and in this case he will use this play as a reflection of what happened to his father. The reaction of the audience will become the evidence he needs to prove that King Claudius killed his father.


"The murder of Gonzago" was originally a kind of morality play that Shakespeare took and changed a little bit to serve the purpose that was explained above.

William Shakespeare usually employed the strategy of including a play within a play.

In this text, Hamlet asks a group of actors to perform the play before the Danish court. Before doing so, he instructs them on what to say and how to say it.

This play within the play is very important for Hamlet, since it is part of his plan to see whether his uncle is guilty of the murder of his father or not; that's why this play will show all the sequence of events that took place in Denmark before, during and after the death of king Hamlet. Prince Hamlet's idea is to pay close attention to King Claudius' reaction to the play, so as to have evidence of his involvement in the assassination of his father.

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