Recall That A Prtiticilple Is In Verb Form That Is Used As An Adjective. A Participial Phrase Is A Participle (2023)

English High School


Answer 1


The present participle is "winning." It is used as an adjective to describe the "team."


A "present participle" is being used in order to express an action that is present. This uses the -ing form of the verb in order to show that an action is happening at the moment. It can be used as an adjective. For example:

  • A crying boy.
  • The bouncing ball.

So, in the example sentence above (The winning team received a trophy after the game), the present participle is "winning." This modifies the word "team."

Remember that compared to past participles, a present participle is often active while a past participle is often passive.

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Which sentence uses its conjunctive adverb correctly ? a. You will find your grades improve if you study more; likewise, you will have less free time.
B. We wondered why she was so angry , hence ,we baked her cake.
c. I studied hard for my English exam ; consequently , I earned an excellent grade.
D . we weeded the garden Tuesday ; then , it will not be necessary to do it Wednesday


I’m gonna say that c is correct because it tells me what i was doing and what I earned from my doing without pauses that wasn’t needed.

New students often have to concentrate very hard to take notes in class. They must listen to the lecture, pick out what is important, and focus their attention only on the classroom. As students gain experience, they can more easily identify what is important and what is not, they can often multitask, and they gain a deeper understanding of lectures. This example shows how students move from __________ thinking to __________ thinking as they gain experience in the classroom.


This given example shows how students move from controlled thinking to automatic thinking as they gain experience in the classroom.

What is automatic thinking?

A highly effective, instinctive mental process over which we have no awareness or control. It aids in the automation of our mental and behavioral processes.

It aids in the automation of our mental and behavioral processes.

Automatic thinking can put us at risk for making costly mistakes at work as well as more commonplace dangers like the busy street we have to cross every morning to get to work.

In a single day, our minds can have up to tens of thousands of thoughts. They are referred to as "automatic thoughts" by cognitive psychologists because they occur automatically and without conscious effort.

Hence, this given example shows how students move from controlled thinking to automatic thinking as they gain experience in the classroom.

Learn more about automatic thinking:



no to posible


From among the characters in in story "death of a salesman",who do you like best?Like least?What values does she/he have that have drawn you to him/her?


My favorite character in the given story is:

  • Linda Loman

'The character who i least like is:

  • Biff Loman.

Who is Linda Loman?

She is a fictional character who is characterized as a hardworking and dutiful wife and the mother to Happy and Biff. I like her because of her supportive nature.

Read more about Death of a Salesman here:


The character I like best is Linda Loman and the character I like least is Biff Loman


The character I like best in the play Death of a Salesman is the character of Linda Loman. She is a dutiful, obedient, loving and understanding wife to Willy Loman and she is the mother of Happy and Biff Loman. I like Linda Loman because she is one person who supports Willy Loman, despite his often reprehensible treatment of her. She is a woman who aged greatly because of her difficult life with her husband, whose hallucinations and erratic behavior she maintains with alone. She is also loyal and stands in between Willy and Biff disputes.

The character I like the least in the play Death of a Salesman is Biff. He is a son that does not often intends to argue with his father who thinks or wants too much from him due to his charmed life in high school as a football star with scholarship prospects, good friends, and female admirers, but he is complicated and often show deficiency when it comes to right capability to think. He cannot ignore his instincts, which tells him to abandon Willy’s paralyzing dreams and move out West to work with his hands.

He thinks of his father only as one who points out his failures and who is always angry at him.

What is the primary metaphor in this poem? "There Is No Frigate Like a Book" (1263) by Emily Dickinson There is no Frigate like a Book To take us Lands away, Nor any Coursers like a Page Of prancing Poetry-- This Traverse may the poorest take Without oppress of Toll-- How frugal is the Chariot That bears the Human soul. A. a ship is compared to a book
B. A chariot is compared to a soul
c. A horse is compared to a page
D. this reading experience is compared to taking a journey



The answer is D, this reading experience is compared to taking a journey.


The answer is D.


The other person who answered is correct just to clear things up. I just took the quiz and got 5/5 and I answered D.

How did the advance of technology in the nineteenth century allow the dream of a transcontinental America become a reality?


Answer: Railroads


There was a time when moving West took a lot of courage. traveling from the East coast to the West coast meant riding for months in a horse drawn wagon, but all that changed when the America's first steam locomotive made its debut in 1830 and over the next two decades, railroads tracks linked many cities on the East coast.

The railroad construction had a profound effect on the country likewise the many other transcontinental lines that followed it. The railroads spawned the first massive corporations, linked many towns and cities and unleashed labor demans.

Industrialization remade much of American life because technological innovation accompanied economic development.

How did the author’s father feel when he read her story at the end of ""Only Daughter""?



The author's father was proud of her daughter.


Sandra Cisneros' father had always wanted her to get married and live a life of a 'typical' woman. But being the only daughter among 6 sons, she felt unable to prove her ability to everyone, especially her father.

But with the publication of her book "Only Daughter", she finally redeemed herself in front of her father. Her decision to pursue a career in writing was not approved by her father but she still went ahead with it. And when her book was published, she had brought a copy for her father to read. And once he had finished treading it, he wanted t get more copies for the whole members of the family to read. Sandra then knew that her father had approved of her work and is proud of her achievement.

Read the excerpt from "Hansel and Gretel.” Early in the morning, before the children were awake, [the old woman] rose up, and when she saw them both sleeping so peacefully, with their round rosy cheeks, she muttered to herself: "That’ll be a dainty bite.” Then she seized Hansel with her bony hand and carried him into a little stable, and barred the door on him; he might scream as much as he liked, it did him no good. Then she went to Gretel, shook her till she awoke, and cried: "Get up, you lazy-bones, fetch water and cook something for your brother. When he’s fat I’ll eat him up.” Gretel began to cry bitterly, but it was of no use; she had to do what the wicked witch told her. So the best food was cooked for poor Hansel, but Gretel got nothing but crab-shells. Every morning the old woman hobbled out to the stable and cried: "Hansel, put out your finger, that I may feel if you are getting fat.” But Hansel always stretched out a bone, and the old dame, whose eyes were dim, couldn’t see it, and thinking always it was Hansel’s finger, wondered why he fattened so slowly. When four weeks passed and Hansel still remained thin, she lost patience and determined to wait no longer. What role does the old woman play in the story?

She creates conflict by separating the brother and sister.
She provides comedic relief by being unable to see clearly.
She is the antagonist who creates conflict to move the story forward.
She is the protagonist who tries to solve a problem to move the story forward.


The role played by the old woman in the story is she is the antagonist who creates conflict to move the story forward. The correct option is C.

What is "Hansel and Gretel”?

It is a fairy tail created by German Brothers Grimm. This is a story about a brother and a sister, who lost in a jungle and met with a witch. The house of the witch was made of bread and cakes.

Thus, the correct option is C, She is the antagonist who creates conflict to move the story forward.

Learn more about "Hansel and Gretel”


Answer: (C.) She is the antagonist who creates conflict to move the story forward.

In Paradise Lost, what does Michael mean when he tells Adam to: "Add Virtue, Patience, Temperance, add Love, By name to come call'd Charity, the soul Of all the rest: then wilt thou not be loath To leave this Paradise, but shalt possess A paradise within thee, happier far. "?


Explanation: Although Adam and Eve are about to leave paradise, they will feel that they have never left paradise if they live in accordance with the said virtues and fulfil them daily. This means that even though they have fallen away from the grace of God, according to which they were destined to live in Paradise if they are obedient, they can still have an inner paradise in their heart, soul and mind. In the said virtues, which should be the principles of their further life, they have all the wisdom to live a happy and fruitful life. This again means that Adm and Eve will have an inner Paradise in this way, even though they are left without the outer Paradise from which they were driven.

Michael even gives evidence for this claim, which is that Satan was in Paradise with them (Adam and Eve), but he had hell in him all the time, so then, outward paradise means nothing to him anyway. It is a claim and proof that the inner Paradise is far more important.

For each of the numbered sentences, select the letter that identifies its type: a. Simple sentence b. Complex sentence c. Compound sentence d. Compound-complex sentence 16. Americans pride themselves on their informality. 1. When Americans travel abroad on business, their informality may be viewed negatively, 2. Informality in Asia often equals disrespect: it is not seen as a virtue. 3. The order of first and last names in Asia may be reversed, and this causes confusion to Americans and Europeans. 4. When you are addressing someone, ask which name a person would prefer to use; however, be sure you can pronounce it correctly.


Answer: Option "2" is best suited to describe the view of other nations on the informality ways of Americans.

Explanation: Other people of other nations unlike Americans believe in formality as a form of respect especially towards elders, while they view informality as a form or disrespect. In a country like Asia where formality is practiced and preferred it would be wrong when an American addresses the Asians informality because his or her intentions would be interpreted as being rude.

In America and other European countries they believe informality is friendliness and openness towards the other person which to them is a virtue, regardless of age and status an American man would prefer to call you by your first name.

hakespeare often makes striking comparisons. Imagine that you were using a comparison to describe King Claudius. Which animal do you think Claudius is most like? A B C D


Answer: A deadly Snake


There is an animal imagery in the play HAMLET by Shakespare throughout the play because that is what the playwriter wanted these characters to be seen as; Animals. which means they are immoral and not trustworthy and also blood hungry, just like in the case of king Claudius.

King Claudius can be likened to a deadly Snake because Snake as an animal is usually used to represent evil in many cultures of the world. Claudius is evil because he is envious, greedy, manipulative, values power and material things more than he value others.

Claudius poisons Hamlet father just like a snake poisons its victims. The same way snake swallows their paralyzed victims which makes it's immoral and unethical makes Claudius immoral too because of all the atrocities he committed in the play.

The continual condescension of Claudius towards Hamlet and the murder of his brother Hamlet in cold blood by pouring poison in his ear during sleep reveals how dark and evil King claudius is, just like a deadly snake.


Any of the characters would be correct.


I chose A but A and D are the most realistic ones.

In "Beat! Beat! Drums!" and "Come Up from the Fields Father," what word choices strike you as most interesting and effective? Explain the effects those word choices have.


The choice of commanding words "Beat! beat! drums! —blow! bugles! blow!" and “Come Up from the Fields Father,” at the beginning of the poems are the most striking, interesting and effective to create the desired atmosphere of the poet.


Every stanza of the poem, “Beat! Beat! Drums!” starts with the words, "Beat! beat! drums! —blow! bugles! blow!" to grasp for playing the instruments so piercingly that can blowout everywhere in the neighboring air. Whitman imagines that the sound fills the churches to congregate the scattered crowd, interrupts scholars from studying, disturbs the bride and groom trying to get privacy, and calls the farmers working in their fields. The words so sound cutting and effective to create the desired atmosphere of the Civil War. The rhythmic pulse of the beginning line emphasizes the poem's appeal. The short, recurring syllables mimic the sound of beating drums and blowing bugles.

Walt Whitman composes “Come up from the Fields, Father,” a poem on the topic of war, more precisely the impact that the involvement of a soldier in the war. The poem begins on a calm autumn day in Ohio, where a farm was tranquil and amazing. Abruptly the oldest daughter of the household starts calling “Come up from the Fields, Father,” to hear the sad news that their son has been fighting in the Civil War. The choice of words is accurate to create desired atmosphere of war at tranquil moment. Sound impact and alliteration of the properly placed words are the most interesting and effective.

The words that seem most effective and interesting in the poem “Beat! Beat! Drums!” are from the first stanza, fifth line. Which are:

“Leave not the bridegroom quiet—no happiness must he have now with his bride”.


  • These words strike a chord as it is expressed, sarcastically, that now that the civil war has started, it shall and will not show pity or empathy towards anyone.
  • Not even the bride and the bridegroom who would have looked forward to their first day of togetherness as a married couple.
  • The poet unwillingly encourages the evils of civil war sounds and actions to disrupt the lives of every person who would be otherwise peaceful and gay, as that is what civil wars do to a society.

From the poem “Come Up from the Fields Father”, the words that seem interesting and effective care from the fourth stanza, which are:

“See, dearest mother, the letter says Pete will soon be better.

Alas, poor boy, he will never be better”.


  • These lines from the poem depict the irony of the grave situation that the mother of Pete faces when she gets a letter from her son who is in the war.
  • The letter received tries to pacify her that Pete is fine and only just wounded but in her heart, she knows that her son is already dead.
  • This is the most dreadful thing for a mother to accept and live with. But she has no choice but to live with this reality and go ahead in her now devastated life.

What does Wordsworth imply about his daughter in Line 12 (before you answer, read Luke 16:22 in the Bible)?



Wordsworth implies that his daughter is innocent and in God's presence always. We can tell this from the allusion to Abraham's bosom and Luke 16:22.

Lars Kristofferson is the CEO of Kristoff Markets. He recently announced his plan to open a small chain of affordable health food stores.



Lars Kristofferson, CEO of Kristoff Markets, recently announced his plan to open a small chain of affordable health food stores.


This choice eliminates the redundancy by taking the origianl first sentence and turing it into a desrpitive aside. This makes the sentece flow more smoothly. As well becoming more concise.

In a certain English class,1/4 of the number of girls is equal to 1/6 of the total number of students. What is the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in the class?



1 to 2


Let G be girls and B be boys in the class


G/4 = (G+B) / 6

Cross multiply, then

6G = 4(G + B)

6G = 4G + 4B

Then you collect similar terms,

6G - 4G = 4B

2G = 4B

2/4 = B /G

1/2 = B/G

Therefore, ratio is 1:2

Lucinda Robey, a friend of Arnetta's mother, recruited interested youngsters to participate in the Movement. She picked Arnetta up and drove her to the training, which was held in the basement of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. Arnetta discovered that the sessions were as tough as boot camp, and the teachers were as tough as the nuns at St. Mary's. Which part of the narrative structure does the author develop in this excerpt?


Answer:Plot is developed as Arnetta becomes involved in social activism

Explanation:Narrative structure refers to the structural framework which is used to present a story to a reader ,listener or viewer , in a particular order an manner. The narrative text structures are the plot and the setting.

the setting in literature refers to the place, the time, and the social situation where the story occurs. Plot is what actual happens in the story or event.




right on edge 2021

Read the excerpt from Their Eyes Were Watching God, in which Tea Cake is talking about Mrs. Turner. “Thanky Ma’am. Ah hates dat woman lak poison. Keep her from round dis house. Her look lak uh white woman! Wid dat meriny skin and hair jus’ as close tuh her head as ninety-nine is tuh uh hundred! Since she hate black folks so, she don’t need our money in her ol’ eatin’ place. We kin go tuh dat white man’s place and git good treatment. Her and dat whittled-down husband uh hers! And dat son! He’s jus’ uh dirty trick her womb played on her. Ah’m telling her husband tuh keep her home.”

What do Tea Cake’s words reveal about his intentions?
He plans to treat Mrs. Turner cruelly.
He plans to avoid Mrs. Turner and her business.
He plans to play a trick on Mrs. Turner’s family.
He plans to befriend Mrs. Turner’s husband.



The correct answer is: He plans to avoid Mrs. Turner and her business.


In this excerpt, Tea Cake states clearly that he plans to avoid Mrs. Turner, as we can notice from the following parts of his speech:

Keep her from round dis house - He wants her to stay away from that house.

Ah’m telling her husband tuh keep her home. - He will tell her husband to keep her home.

Tea Cake doesn't want to see Mrs. Turner because she hates black people and underestimates them. So, he's planning to avoid her, as he can't stand her, her attitude toward black people, and her son. He doesn't need anything from her, so he will try to avoid her presence which upsets him.

Answer: it is B for you ;He plans to avoid Mrs. Turner and her business.

Explanation: simple answer

One element of lyrical poetry is personal reflection. Which line is n this poem most clearly illustrate that element



For oft, when on my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood,

They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills,



What poem is it?


What is your prediction about what the jury's decision will be, and why? to kill a mockingbird CHAPTERS 16–19



My prediction when I read the book was that the court would say he was guilty because of their bias and racism



I think he would not be found guilty because Atticus is a good lawyer with a strong case. I could be wrong.

A string literal: A. contains only one character. B. contains numbers rather than letters. C. is a sequence of characters in double quotation marks. D. contains exactly its variable name and nothing else.



I think the answer is A


Tommy has difficulty with syntactically complete sentences when speaking or writing. He avoids writing tasks and is sometimes teased about his speech. What can you do to help Tommy with his syntax during classroom activities?


Answer: get him into a speech class or work with him regularly on it to help him improve.


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