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Why dating is important: 5 main purposes of dating - Best-matchmaking.com (1)Hello guys!

We all explore people when going out on dates and dating is a great way to get to know each other.

Dating is great when we are young but what about when we are getting older?

In this case, we stop exploring people but simply search for someone to spend our life with.

Dating is definitely important and now, we from best-matchmaking will tell you why dating is important and what is the main purpose of it.

Find out why this period is so valuable and whether your relationship is going somewhere further than that.

Let’s start!

What is the importance of dating?

Why dating is important: 5 main purposes of dating - Best-matchmaking.com (2)Dating is a natural stage for modern people who start some sort of relationship.

Dating is natural and women and men cannot simply skip that stage and start living together or just get married at once. It is obvious.

When we start dating someone, we are attracted to that person. And most likely, that was an initial physical attraction. Dating is so important because it helps you both get to know each other much better.

While dating your girlfriend, you can see her manners, behavior, find out about her interests, family, friends, and many other things. This stage, that often seems to be insignificant, will help you figure out whether you are compatible at all and want to move forward.

Not always physical attraction will grow into something more and this is why dating is so helpful. You may like someone but after a couple of dates, just realize this person is not someone you would love to have relationships with.

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What are the purposes of dating?

Why dating is important: 5 main purposes of dating - Best-matchmaking.com (3)You know, dating is as simple as one plus one. However, people still manage to pursue their own goals in this simple stage.

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Some of them are very serious about finding their better half, others are just curious and cannot live without it.

Some people also pursue casual dating when they can date different and even multiple people at a time. Each of those people has his or her own goals for dating someone.

But no matter what they pursue, dating is supposed to meet certain needs and bring its results.

So, below, you will find the main purposes of dating. You can see what exactly dating was invented for and why people, actually, go through that stage together. It will help you understand why this stage is so important for the success of your future relationship.

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1.) Dating is a test for your relationship

Dating is a great way to check how you and your partner will be together in a relationship. It will show you how you both can handle unexpected situations. Some people pass the test, others don’t.

In family life, people experience various problems – such as the loss of a job, illness, unplanned pregnancy, and many others. And dating is a great way to test how serious and reliable both partners are. It will help you see whether your partner is supportive, loving, and strong in tough situations.

If your girlfriend left you after you couldn’t manage to take her to the most expensive restaurant, then be happy because this partner is not as reliable as you imagined. Such situations are very good preparation for future life and help you see who is who.

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2.) Dating is about developing a friendship

Why dating is important: 5 main purposes of dating - Best-matchmaking.com (5)Getting to know each other on a deeper level and see whether you get long is one of the main reasons for dating. Interacting with each other is important and dating is really meant for that.

Thanks to dating, you can find out whether your partner seems to say something wrong or vice versa, makes you laugh all the time.

By the way, researches show that couples who laugh together stay together more often than those who don’t. So if you laugh most of the time with your dating partner, you can be almost sure this is the person you need throughout your life.

When you spend time together, you are happier and experience less stress, according to a recent study. It means that couples should spend quality time together and develop not only romance but also friendship while dating. It is crucial for your relationships.

3.) Dating helps understand whether you have a potential future together

Another great purpose of dating is to let you know whether your partner aligns with your future. Even if people have chemistry and spend a great time together, they might have different outlooks for life. You may simply want different things from life and pursue different goals in the future.

When dating, it is important to discuss such things as where you both want to live in the future, whether one of you needs to relocate, whether you want to switch your or her career, whether you both want to buy or rent your home, whether you want or don’t plan to have children at all.

These things seem not important at the early stage but they might become a deal-breaker in the future and it is important to find it out at the dating stage. If you don’t do it beforehand, disagreeing on some of these aspects may lead to absolutely painful circumstances.

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4.) Dating helps learn to cope with arguments

Why dating is important: 5 main purposes of dating - Best-matchmaking.com (6)Learning how to resolve arguments with your partner is also crucial and dating is intended to teach you to do that. Sometimes, disagreements turn into a real battle and it is important to learn how to solve them and avoid wars in relationships.

There are no relationships without arguments but it is important to know how to argue respectfully. Going to bed angry will have the worst negative effect on your relationships.

Researchers say that this affects your brain and keeps all negative memories, leads to the interruption of sleep, irritation, and depression.

So to avoid the consequences of such arguments, it’s necessary to figure out whether you both are ready to compromise in the process of dating. Try to find out how your partner tends to solve the conflicts between you. And, of course, if you have too many conflicts at the dating stage, think well whether you need to keep this going.

5.) Dating helps check whether you have sexual chemistry

Yes, last but not least, it is important not only to be compatible emotionally but also physically or sexually. It is normal when people start having sexual relationships while dating. But very often, exactly their sexual incompatibility becomes the reason for breaking up.

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Yes, any relationship is hard work and everyone can work a lot on their relationships, both emotional and physical. Even if you are not satisfied with something in your sexual life, you can always discuss it with your partner, work on it together, and improve. But some people can really be totally incompatible.

For example, you might have opposite preferences in your intimate life and your partner denies all of your offers and wishes. In that case, it will be very difficult to reach harmony and agreement in a relationship and sooner or later, you will break up. So dating is a great way to check it all before marriage.

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Does dating mean sleeping together?

Why dating is important: 5 main purposes of dating - Best-matchmaking.com (7)No, of course not. Dating doesn’t mean sleeping together. But everything depends on what stage of dating you are currently – dating also has its stages and periods.

Some people date for five or seven years without marriage, so, of course, they do not have any platonic relationships.

But when teenagers at their 14-16 are dating, they just see each other and enjoy life, and this is also dating in its full sense.

When you start dating someone, you may have a couple of dates to get to know each other, and it is all very individual. Some people manage to end it up before having any intimacy.

But if we are talking about normal dating, when people perceive each other seriously, of course, after some time, they will sleep together. Since dating is a preparation for marriage and is aimed to show you how compatible you are, sleeping together is an integral part of it.

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Is dating really necessary?

Well, it is a quite rhetorical question. If you want to get ready well for your marriage, yes, it is really necessary for you, as for any other person. But we all know that in some countries, just some time ago, people did not go through that stage at all before getting married.

Even in Slavic countries, some of our grannies and grandpas were married people chosen by their parents and they did not date before it. And you know what – these people spent a wonderful family life, never argued, had lots of children and grandchildren.

They confess that they did not love each other at once but with some time, they learned to love and respect each other. It is connected with the family values people had before. Of course, modern people cannot live this way.

Modern life doesn’t allow us to marry without dating. Dating is crucial for getting to know each other and it is obvious. It may save lots of couples from divorce in the future.

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Conclusion: Reasons why dating is so important are obvious!

Why dating is important: 5 main purposes of dating - Best-matchmaking.com (9)We from best-matchmaking hope that this information helps you realize why dating is so important and why you should learn your partner well before having more serious relationships and, moreover, marriage.

Dating is fun, exciting, and along with that, it prepares you for your family life.

And if you want to know more about Slavic brides, online dating, or Romantic and marriage tours, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Check out our online dating membership and International matchmaking plans to know more about online dating if you are one of those busy modern people in search of their happiness.

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Why dating is important: 5 main purposes of dating - Best-matchmaking.com (10)

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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