Is Stradivarius still racing? (2023)

Why is Stradivarius not running?

Superstar stayer Stradivarius has been ruled out of Friday's Lonsdale Cup at York with a bruised foot.

Will Stradivarius race again?

Stradivarius currently doesn't hold any future entries. You can receive alerts when they next run using My Stable.

Is Stradivarius still in training?

In 2021 he won the Lonsdale Cup for the third time and in 2022 he achieved a third victory in the Yorkshire Cup. He was retired to stud at the end of the 2022 season, having won a record 18 European Group races.

What is next for Stradivarius?

What next for Stradivarius? Stradivarius will now join the stallion roster at the National Stud in Newmarket after a legendary career.

Is Stradivarius high quality?

The Stradivarius instruments are famous for the quality of sound they produce. However, the many blind experiments from 1817 to as recent as 2014 have never found any difference in sound between Stradivari's violins and high-quality violins in comparable style of other makers and periods, nor has acoustic analysis.

Who rides Stradivarius?

Nielsen said: “Frankie Dettori, who has enjoyed a great relationship with Stradivarius and ridden him to many brilliant stakes victories – more than he has any other horse – will by mutual agreement give up the ride to Andrea Atzeni in the Goodwood Cup.

Is Stradivarius going to retire?

GB: Stradivarius, the superstar stayer whose retirement from racing was announced on Monday [Sept 26], will at the National Stud from 2023.

Is Stradivarius horse retired?

John Gosden best summed up the retiring Stradivarius earlier this week by branding him 'unique'.

Is Stradivarius retired?

John Gosden best summed up the retiring Stradivarius earlier this week by branding him 'unique'.

Who is Stradivarius aimed at?

Stradivarius is one of the Inditex Group's young fashion brands aimed at passionate and creative individuals.

Who beat Stradivarius?

It was a memorable finish as Stradivarius (9-2), who was ridden by Andrea Atzeni, was denied a fifth victory in the race. "He's only doing what he has to do," favourite Kyprios's jockey Ryan Moore told ITV after the win. "It was a steadily run race. He was in front a long way out and he just waiting."

Does Stradivarius use real leather?

About Me. Lining: 100% Polyester, Main: 100% Real Leather.

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