Is suitress a real word? (2023)

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Is suitress a real word?

Yet suitress is a much older word than “bachelorette”: the latter was first documented (in American Speech) in 1935, while suitress has been in print since the mid-1700s, and has never entirely fallen off the map. I'm His Suitress, a Tagalog-language book with an English-language title.

Is there a female version of suitor?

Definition of 'suitress'

What is the meaning of suitress?

Noun. suitress (plural suitresses) A female supplicant or suitor.

What do you call a girl who has a suitor?

Suitress definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary.

How do you use suitor in a sentence?

Example Sentences

He was her most persistent suitor, and she eventually agreed to marry him. An unwanted suitor is buying up the company's stock.

Why is it called a suitor?

In the fourteenth century, a suitor was a fan or follower — the romantic meaning came along almost two hundred years later. The root is the Latin word sequi, "to attend or follow."

What is the opposite of suitor?

We have listed all the opposite words for suitor alphabetically. enemy. adversary. agent. antagonist.

Is a suitor and a boyfriend the same?

A boyfriend is a male friend or acquaintance, often specifying a regular male companion with whom a person is romantically or sexually involved. A boyfriend can also be called an admirer, beau, suitor and sweetheart. The analogous female term is "girlfriend".

What is the male word for ladies?

Man's equivalent of “lady” is “gentleman”: a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.

Does suitor have to be male?

Being a 'suitor' is a male prerogative. It's a relic of an era when men were the ones who went out to look for wives and women stayed at home waiting for men to ask for their hand (hands?). So being technically correct here would not make much sense. It's somewhat like the word 'temptress'.

What is the synonym of the word suitor?

nounmale acquaintance or romantic companion. admirer. beau. companion. confidant.

How do you spell Suiter?

Suiter Definition & Meaning |

What is a unmarried girl called?

"Miss" is a title generally used to address female children or young women under the age of 18 and unmarried women.

What is a person lover called?

admirer, boyfriend, companion, girlfriend, suitor, sweetheart, beau, beloved, darling, dear, escort, flame, idolizer, inamorata, inamorato, paramour, petitioner, steady, suppliant, swain.

What do you call a man who loves woman?

lover. noun. someone who is in a loving or sexual relationship with another person.

What is a suitor relationship?

suitor (plural suitors) One who pursues someone, especially a woman, for a romantic relationship or marriage; a wooer; one who falls in love with or courts someone.

What does potential suitor mean?

countable noun. A person's suitor is someone who wants to marry them.

How do you refer to a man?

  1. bloke.
  2. boy.
  3. fellow.
  4. gent.
  5. lad.
  6. man.

How do you spell male suitor?

a man who courts or woos a woman.

How old is the word suitor?

suitor (n.)

Meaning "plaintiff in a lawsuit" is from mid-15c. Meaning "one who seeks (a woman) in marriage" is from 1580s.

What's an unmarried man called?

Single men are often simply referred to as bachelors.

What is another name for a male lover?

What is another word for male lover?
70 more rows

What is opposite of Lady for men?

The phrase “gentlemen” is the male equivalent of the term “lady,” which is often reserved for usage when referring to women.

What is a suitor in England?

suitor | Intermediate English

suitor. noun [ C ] /ˈsut̬·ər/ a man who wants a particular woman to agree to marry him.

What's a slang word for boyfriend?

I don't think there are additional meanings to the term "boyfriend," but a boyfriend could also be called "boo," "beau," "boothang," "main squeeze," "boy," "man," "hubby," and so forth.

What do you call the person you're courting with?

Beau, paramour, suitor, lover.

What can you call a guy in a relationship?

If you're in a relationship, it's not unusual to give your partner nicknames, including but not limited to: bae, baby, my love, boo, sweetheart, etc.

What is it called when a woman dresses like a man?


This describes a person who wears the clothes usually associated with the "opposite "sex. This is seen as a form of gender expression. The word "transvestite" is not used much these days.

What is the girl version of lord?

Ladies: A Lady is the female equivalent of a Lord and is used to describe women of high social class or status.

How do you refer to a woman?

A simple alternative when addressing or referring to a woman is “Ms.” (which doesn't indicate marital status). Another note about titles: some college students are in the habit of addressing most women older than them, particularly teachers, as “Mrs.,” regardless of whether the woman in question is married.

What does it mean to court a woman?

Simply put – courting is the time before a relationship starts when the couple gets to know one another, exchange gifts and generally keep a respectful distance with little-to-no intimacy. Historically, courting has been a male pursuing a female, but it's 2019, thankfully anybody can court anybody these days.

What is a fancy word for gentleman?

gentleman. horseman. knight errant. lover. man-at-arms.

What word is short for gentleman?

Gent is an informal and old-fashioned word for gentleman. Mr. Blake was a gent.

What's another word for beautiful for a man?

Handsome is a word that is traditionally used to describe an attractive man.

What is the opposite of a suitor?

What is the opposite of suitor?
2 more rows

What is the verb form of suitor?

Verb. suitor (third-person singular simple present suitors, present participle suitoring, simple past and past participle suitored)

Which one word is used for a man which is not married?

bachelor. a man who has never been married. It is more usual to say that someone who is not married is single. An eligible bachelor is one who many women want to marry because he is rich and attractive.

How can I call my suitor?

Nicknames for your fiancé/husband
  1. Hubby.
  2. Handsome.
  3. Mister.
  4. Bubba.
  5. Love/ My Love.
  6. Love Dove.
  7. Goober.
  8. Old Man.
Sep 19, 2022

What do you call a guy that's not your boyfriend?

You might also refer to him as something more detached, like my "plus-one," "prospect" or literally, like, "This is my date." Some prefer the tongue-in-cheek "not-boyfriend." You can be coy ("fancy friend") or a bit crass ("makeout buddy") or cheesy ("this is my luvvah") or even snobbish/fake-French.

What are the synonyms of suitor?

synonyms for suitor
  • admirer.
  • beau.
  • boyfriend.
  • lover.
  • paramour.
  • cavalier.
  • date.
  • follower.

What is a suitor in business?

countable noun. A suitor is a company or organization that wants to buy another company. [business]

How long are most people single?

Immediately after a breakup, the average person will:
  • Have a 25% chance of entering a new relationship after seven months.
  • Have a 50% chance of entering a new relationship after one year and eight months.
  • Have a 75% chance of entering a new relationship after three years and six months.
Feb 14, 2019

What is a divorced man called?

| Grammarist. | Usage. A divorcée is a woman who has divorced, and a divorcé is a man who has divorced.

Why do people remain single?

They are simply not interested in being in a serious relationship at this time in their life. Others are single due to the circumstances of their lives. They may have just gotten out of a meaningful relationship or have dated relentlessly and just haven't found someone with whom they're truly compatible.

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